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Nov 23, 2016 · 3 min read

We help brands communicate in writing wherever words are needed. By setting a tone for brands, services and products, we help create great experiences for everyone interacting with them.

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Where do we put words?

Wherever they are needed, but usually:

  • in apps (from the first headline to the last little alert-message)
  • on websites
  • in super important documents.

In short: How do we put words?

We come in early in the process and work together with other UX-thinkers such as designers and developers. First we get things straight. What is the brand all about? What are the connections to the outside world? Who are the people it needs to impact?

Then we need to understand more variables of the brand, service or product to communicate in a way that works (makes users happy, drives sales, etc.).

In long: How do we put words ?

Our process usually looks something like this:

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  1. We admit we don’t really know much. So we explore the brand, the outside world, the market it competes on, the competition, the target group etc. This is as important for us writers as it is for designers.
  2. We look for the important stuff. Often by trying to find key insights that can help us do our work in the later stages of a project. It can be things like people’s associations to a brand, the real needs of the target group, the words the target group uses to talk about their needs and how the competition communicates.
  3. We come up with a “new” brief. This is not as serious as it sounds, but oftentimes we get far better results by calibrating the mission before we find the solution. A lot of the time the initial brief sounds something like this: “Write copy on our landing page and in App Store.” It’s pretty easy to deliver on that, but it rarely makes things happen for a brand. A better brief would be something like this: “Make our target group, who longs for a simpler way to share recipies with friends, understand that this service is 10x faster than the competition on the market right now”.
  4. We explore a couple of ways to deliver on the new brief. In this part of the process, testing things with real life users is a huge deal for us. We test much the same way as service designers would, wanting to learn how people perceive our solutions as well as deepening our understanding of their needs and wants. We also listen carefully to how they talk, what words they use, what makes them happy and what makes them angry.
  5. We deliver something that works. This sounds easy enough, but in iterations with testing and tweaking we tend to find a solution that we know works, whether it is text for a landing page, copy inside an app or a lot of text over a lot of touchpoints creating one single beautiful cohesive experience.

Get in touch with us at kontakt@uppfatta.com

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