We do content

Many brands produce a lot of content or want to start doing it. We love to help — when the thinking behind the content is just right. Let us explain our take on this buzzword and how we produce content relevant for businesses.

Content — such a broad term. It’s a huge waste of time to specify what content is and what it isn’t. Let’s just look at some sloppy screenshots of some of the content we have created to get a general feel for what content can be. Here we go:

Onwards to the important question: why content? No matter if we’re talking about long-term, strategic use of editorial-style content (“content marketing”), a one-off series of native advertising texts or content for your website, the answer to why is always the same: Great content is a phenomenal way for brands to build profitable relationships with their audiences.

Most brands know this. The battle for people’s attention has made traditional ads less efficient. Nowadays brands must craft content that adds real value to peoples lives. This is hard. Everyone is screaming at the top of their lungs, but the content game is anything but a screaming game.

Content as part of an long-term editorial plan

Some content we do is part of an editorial plan. Producing such content on a regular basis, while keeping quality high and always delivering value to the audience, is tough. So how do we go from zero to content that has the intended effect? Like this:

  1. We get to know the brand and its audience.
  2. We craft a content strategy or deliver on the one already in place.
  3. We set up an editorial team.
  4. We create an editorial plan.
  5. We execute the plan.
  6. We measure, tweak and go at it again and again.
  7. Everyone involved achieve nirvana and get private jet rich.

Since our core is writing (and thinking) we team up with great designers and people who really know how to get the content out there in front of the right audience.

Non-editorial, free-form content

Other content we do is not part of an editorial plan. As long as the analysis behind why the content is needed is there, we love to produce that as well. It might come out in the form of something like:

  • a guide to understand the deeper stuff about your service
  • a story that makes potential investors throw their money at you
  • a great first letter to your new customers that lets customer service go on vacation forever.

Right now everyone and their grandmothers are doing “content”. The doing is easy enough, but content for brands is really about business. We take pride in always asking how our content will translate to business. Luckily part of the answer is making content which is relevant (for the brand and it’s audience) and strategy driven and simply to good to ignore. And doing that fits us better than it fits everyone and their grandmothers.

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