Build a Brand Name Online — 100 Tips and Ideas

Everyone — be it a small business, organization or independent professional — wants to become a brand online but not all are working in the right direction.

Being radical digital marketing and growth agency, we wanted to simplify the complex task of building a brand identity and name online.

And accomplished the same with just one blog post.

Yes, just one.

The detailed blog post brings proven strategies, ideas, hacks, tips, and everything else you need to build a brand online.

Majority of the points are categorized under:

Brand building through Facebook
Building brand identity through Twitter
Brand building through Instagram
Brand name development through other social channels
Online brand building through blogging
Building brand name through Youtube
Building brand identity through website
Using advertising to become a brand
Becoming a brand by communicating
Building local brand identity and name offline
Online brand tracking and reputation management
Bonus points to become a brand online


Here is the complete post that will help you build a brand identity and name for your small business, global organization, or personal self.

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