10 Travel Blogs for Winning at Bleisure

Business trips present a unique opportunity to see the world. The best part is your company has already paid to get you there. So, why not make your next international business trip a “bleisure” one by combining business with leisure? If done right, your next business trip could be both highly productive for work and an opportunity to explore a new place.

Don’t have lots of time to do travel research while also planning for the actual business you have to take care of during your next trip? That’s where following travel writers can give you a leg up on getting the most out of your business trip.

Ready to win at bleisure?
Check out these 10 travel blogs to start collecting travel tips and ideas for getting some exploring in on your next business trip:

1. Bucket List Journey

Like to collect new experiences every time you travel to a new place for business? Get bleisure inspiration from Bucket List Journey, and start crossing off bucket list items on every business trip you make.

2. Cheapest Destinations Blog

Want to extend your business trip to explore a bit afterwards? It doesn’t have to be expensive to stay an extra day or two — just follow Tim Leffel of Cheapest Destinations Blog. You’ll get tips for living the good life on any budget.

3. Goats on the Road

Have a client to impress on your next business trip? Find the best restaurants and top 10 things to do for destinations around the world. For list lovers, travel writers Nick and Dariece of Goats on the Road are trekking the world just for you, looking for the best eats, can’t miss spots, and must have experiences.

4. Local Adventurer

When you visit a city often enough for business, why not become a like a local? For business travelers who make repeat trips to the same cities or who plan on spending longer periods of time in a city, the Local Adventurer by travel writers Esther and Jacob is your go-to travel blog to follow. They have bucket lists galore for local destinations with hundreds of things to do on each list.

5. Flirting With the Globe

Escape the tourist zones and be a local for a change the next time you travel for business. Flirting With the Globe has complete guides on where to eat and what to see, all inspired by local favorites in European and U.S. cities. Plus, get to know the different neighborhoods that make up each city you visit.

6. My Itchy Travel Feet

Learn about scenic drives and short adventures to make those long business trips more enjoyable. My Itchy Travel Feet is written for specifically for Baby Boomers, with travel advice on everything from road trips and cruise excursions to national park adventures and active travel.

7. Travel Past 50

Read up on local farmers’ markets, museums, and food tours to make the most of your next business trip. Travel Past 50 is written with mature travelers in mind, including recommendations for visiting historic sites, national parks, cities, and cultural destinations.

8. Nomadic Matt

Professional bleisure travelers don’t buy travel guides. Not only are they expensive, but the information is often outdated. Instead, check out Nomadic Matt and get free online travel guides available for countries and cities across the world, which he updates twice a year.

9. Alex in Wanderland

The writer behind Alex in Wanderland packs in tons of useful travel information while letting her bright personality shine through just enough for you to feel like you’re sharing a travel experience with a long-time friend. Follow her and put a smile on the next time you’re planning to travel for business.

10. The Savvy Backpacker

When you have just a few hours between meetings to see a new city in Europe, The Savvy Backpacker is the resource for bleisure travelers. Quickly access online city travel guides, get sightseeing recommendations, and tips to avoid tourist scams.

Do you have a favorite travel blog you follow for bleisure travel tips? Let us know which one and what you like about it in the comments below.

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