How can you get more out of your business trip?

Did you know you could get something extra for yourself on your next business trip and save your company money at the same time?

Glad we piqued your interest.

ICYMI: Jay Walker, the founder of Priceline, has been studying the travel industry — airlines, hotels, prices and technology — all his life. Now he’s starting up a new travel company specifically for business travelers and their companies.

Upside — Jay’s new company — believes business travelers and their companies deserve a little more from every business trip they buy. That’s why Upside’s revolutionary Flexibility Engine doesn’t just lower prices on business travel for companies, but also gives employees the chance to get hundreds of dollars in name-brand gift cards for helping lower travel costs.

How we help you get more out of your next business trip:

In a nutshell, our Flexibility Engine shows you how to trade little bits of travel flexibility for free gift cards and save your company money on every business trip you buy.

Our Flexibility Engine easily puts you in control of how you choose to be flexible on things that don’t affect the business needs of your trip. Then it quickly analyzes every possible way to arrange your pre-approved travel choices. In just seconds, you’ll see money-saving options and how much each one is worth to you in gift cards.

You can get the full scoop on how our Flexibility Engine works here.

Let’s get back to business. How can you get $1,000+ in free gift cards just for buying an international business trip?

Let’s say you’re traveling to Hong Kong on business from New York, and you regularly stay at a four-star hotel and fly non-stop in Business Class. With Upside, you could easily get $1,000 or more in free gift cards just by making one stop on the way home or by flying Premium Economy Class on your way back to New York.

For that same trip to Hong Kong, suppose you’d like to keep to your regular four-star hotel rating, but you’re able to stay at a four-star hotel 10 minutes further from downtown than usual. That could be worth $300 more in free gift cards for you.

Maybe you’d consider swapping that four-star hotel 10-minutes from downtown to stay at a three-and-a-half-star hotel in the same area for $500 in extra gift cards, and added savings for your company.

It’s quite possible you could walk off with $2,000 in free gift cards from buying that single international trip through Upside. At the same time, your company could save $2,000 or more off of the price of that same trip, too.

So, what we’re saying is: with Upside, the more flexible you are, the more gift cards you earn for yourself…and the more money your company saves.

Now that’s a win-win.

How can you tell if Upside is for you?

If your company lets you select your airline and hotel brands for yourself, and you like getting gift cards to, Home Depot, Target and other top national retailers, then Upside is for you.

In our earliest phases this fall, you can redeem your free gift cards from any of the participating stores on our growing list below.





















You deserve something extra for going the extra mile for your company.

You work hard, and we know you work even harder on the road. With no cost to you or your company, why not give Upside a try and get a little something extra for all your hard work?

Find out how much upside is waiting for you and your company. Create an Upside account today.

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