International Business Travelers: The Biggest Mistake You’re Probably Making

When your job involves international travel, you get pretty good at it. You learn to pack only the necessities. You have TSA PreCheck and Global Entry status to avoid long security lines. You breeze past everyone else to board the plane first. You are a savvy business traveler because you know that time is money, and you know the tricks of the trade.

But if you’re still booking your trips through traditional travel websites, you’re making a huge mistake and you don’t even know it. That’s because you’re giving up the chance to save money and earn hundreds of dollars in gift cards with a brand new website called Upside.

Why it makes sense for you

Upside is a website that lets you quickly and easily buy international business trips. It’s built for business travelers who like buying flight and hotel packages in order to save a little money. Upside Packages bundle together flights and a hotel into one, combined price to get customers the best discounts possible and protect partners’ confidential prices.

There’s nothing earth shattering about that arrangement, lots of other sites are designed to save travelers money too. The major difference between Upside and all those other travel aggregator websites that you have used in the past, is that Upside saves you money and gives you a new kind of incentive for buying certain packages.

Essentially, you can get gift cards for being flexible and making tweaks to your itinerary. Let us repeat that — with Upside, you can get brand name gift cards while traveling for work internationally. And by 2017, on domestic trips as well.

How it works (and how you get rewarded)

Say it’s Monday and you have a business meeting in London on Wednesday. You’ll need to catch a flight (because a boat can’t get you there on time and, besides, who takes a passenger boat across the pond anymore?) and you’ll need a hotel room (unless you plan on guzzling Earl Grey tea for your entire trip — please don’t over-caffeinate).

When you book your trip with Upside, the experience is familiar. You input the departure and arrival cities…the dates you are traveling…preferred class of service. The usual stuff.

Then, you’ll be asked a few simple questions like:

  • What is the highest cabin class in which your company will let you fly?
  • What is the latest time you are willing to arrive in London on Wednesday?
  • What is the earliest you can leave London on Friday?
  • What is the highest rated hotel in which your company will let you stay?
  • What area of town would you prefer your hotel to be near?

As you answer, Upside presents you with options. Then, you decide what’s right for you. For example, maybe you select the four-star hotel — which happens to be a block from your business meeting — instead of a five-star hotel. And maybe you don’t mind taking an off-peak flight because you’re already planning on sleeping the whole way home.

What’s your reward for making these easy decisions? Gift cards to major retailers like, Whole Foods, Target, and dozens more. The kinds of places you shop already. Depending on which options you select, it could be hundreds on every trip. Not bad, right?

The beauty of this whole arrangement is that you don’t have to make any tradeoffs you don’t want to. You just choose areas of your trip where you are willing to be flexible, and you get rewarded accordingly.

Why bother using a traditional online travel agency? You would spend hours sifting through long lists of flights and hotels — and likely never discover the flights and hotels Upside finds for you. Instead, Upside gives you access to the same flights, the same brands and the same rooms and amenities. The only difference is that you save time and money while getting exactly what you want. Boo-yah.

Why does it sound too good to be true?

Probably because it’s new. A new idea, especially a new technology, usually takes a little time before people feel comfortable with it. But when you think about it, you’re already familiar with a lot of the logic behind Upside.

Package pricing has been a longtime favorite for leisure travelers. Probably because it’s a quick and easy way to save money on travel. For business travelers, it’s uncharted territory (until now). The logic behind package pricing is simple: by only showing one, combined package price, no one knows the discounted price of the flight or the hotel. That means airlines and hotels won’t undercut their regular prices and travelers can get deep discounts. And, that’s why we only sell flight + hotel packages for business travel at Upside.

The major difference with using Upside over other travel websites is that you now get rewarded for the choices you make. And that difference can be huge. Just think about how great you’ll feel when you have hundreds of dollars in gift cards to spend and you’re able to tell your boss that you saved your company money on your latest business trip.

That, our friends, is why there is no downside to using Upside.

Upside is currently in BETA and ready to use for international round trip business travel. We look forward to serving you and getting your feedback.

Learn more about Upside here.

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