Introducing an Upside for Business Travel

What happens when Americans spend $300 billion dollars a year on business travel and nobody is happy? The world gets a brand new way to buy business travel, that’s what.

Leave it to Priceline founder Jay Walker to completely re-think how we buy business travel and come up with a way to make it better for everybody.

Jay’s new company is called Upside. At Upside, we create package deals to reduce travel costs for your company, and we give you gift cards when you agree to be flexible on things that don’t affect the business needs of your trip. The more money you save for your company, the more gift cards you get for yourself.

Now business travelers like you can get hundreds of dollars to spend at your favorite retailers — Amazon, Whole Foods, Home Depot and Target to name a few — and your company can save money on every trip you buy from Upside.

As Upside is currently in BETA, the graphic above showcases the Upside concept and does not represent the optimized user experience available at launch.

We know this requires a bit of explanation so here it goes:

First, we only sell packages that combine airfare, hotels and top-notch customer service for a single price.

Since we never reveal the individual prices for rooms and flights, we can get private discounts for business travelers — and airlines and hotels don’t have to worry about undercutting their published prices.

Next, we give you the chance to trade little bits of flexibility to lower the cost of your business trip and earn more gift cards for yourself.

Your willingness to be a little flexible on the flights and hotels you buy helps us get these special deals. So, giving you free gift cards on every trip you buy from Upside just seems like the right thing to do.

To do this, Upside uses a revolutionary new technology called a Flexibility Engine.

It helps you discover where you can be just a little bit flexible on your travel arrangements, so your company saves money and you get free gift cards for your flexibility.

When you use Upside, you never have to study long lists of flights, rooms and prices. Our engine does all the hard work for you! Upside’s Flexibility Engine instantly analyzes the giant databases of the entire travel industry and creates a custom air and hotel package designed specifically with you and your trip in mind.

We’re sure you’re wondering what kind of things will get you gift cards and lower the cost of your trip… So, here are a few examples:

  • You might be willing to stay at a hotel a few minutes further from your meeting for $150 in gift cards.
  • Maybe you’ll volunteer to take a flight an hour or two earlier or later for another $250 in gift cards.
  • Perhaps you’ll choose to trade an overseas business class seat for a premium economy seat for another $800 in gift cards.

Simply put: every time you say “Yeah, I can be flexible on that,” you’ll get more gift cards and your company will save money.

Based on your answers, we’ll put together a custom package that meets all of your trip requirements and uses only the choices you pre-approve.

That’s it!

So, what’s the catch? There really isn’t one…

Upside is for you, if you can agree to 4 things:

1. You buy your air and hotel as a combined package deal for a single price.

You can’t buy “just a flight” or “just a room.”

2. You let us put your package together.

You agree to be just a little bit flexible on top quality airline and hotel brands you pre-approve. You will always see the exact flights and hotels in your package before having to buy a thing.

3. You fly round-trip between two cities we serve.

At launch, we won’t serve every city. Travel must begin and end in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco or Los Angeles. There are no one-way or multi-city trips (yet).

4. You’re OK that we don’t reveal individual airline and hotel costs.

Single price packages protect our suppliers’ private discounts.

Are you ready to buy your next business trip with a big smile on your face?

Come find out how much upside is waiting for you and your company…maybe your boss will crack a smile, too.

Watch Upside CEO Jay Walker detail why Upside is gearing up for launch.

Learn more about Upside here.

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