Top Travel Apps According to Our Experts

Users have a lot of choice when it comes to travel apps. There are countless lists of best and essential travel apps. How do you know which are worth your time? Well, we thought we would ask the experts from Upside their go-to app while traveling.

  1. Uber — Easy and reliable are the words we hear most with Uber. Everything is handled in app, so you can feel like you’re actually in the 21st century by not worrying about cash. Get it for iOS or Android.
  2. FlightStats — This was called the best flight tracker app. Who doesn’t need a good flight tracker in their life? Get it for iOS or Android.
  3. SeatGuru — Want the best seats on a plane? We’re told this is the best way to get them. Get it for iOS or Android.
  4. Lola Travel — Concierge personal travel app. Get instant access to a team of real humans. This interaction is what makes the app a standout. Limited availability right now. Get it for iOS.
  5. TripAdvisor — Used religiously by a couple of our experts for planning trips using the reviews of hotels, attractions, and restaurants. Get questions and answers in the destination forums as well. Get it for iOS or Android.
  6. Google — Search to your heart’s content. Plus, they have a nifty flight tracker that some our experts likes to use. Get it for iOS or Android.
  7. Hipmunk — Good, straightforward way to look for flights. Get it for iOS or Android.
  8. Kayak — Brand awareness and easy itinerary building. Forward receipts to the dedicated email and they build the itinerary for you to use while on your trip. Get it for iOS or Android.
  9. Waze — A favorite of a few of our esteemed experts, Waze is noted for its ability to incorporate traffic conditions with a nice heads up display. Most important, the power up game where users can win candies and get hats for their little avatar. Get it for iOS or Android.
  10. AFAR — Another digital travel guide and trip planner for cities all around the world. Need to know where to stay, eat, drink, or do things? Stop here first. Get it for iOS or Android.
  11. Hotel Tonight — A simple UI, amazing search function, and alerts that tell you when prices change are a few of the reasons this app makes the list. Plus, it has fun categories like “fancy hotels, basic hotels, etc.” Get it for iOS or Android.
  12. TripIt — Another app that provides a singular view for all of your reservations and information in real-time. Get it for iOS or Android.
  13. Inrix Traffic — Let this app learn your driving habit to personalize routes to avoid the worst traffic. This app will even recommend departure times with real-time alerts of changing conditions. Get it for iOS or Android.
  14. Hopper — Save money by choosing your flight dates and getting alerts to buy when the fares are their lowest. Get it for iOS or Android.
  15. Google Trips — This app is easy to navigate with a solid level of depth. Pick your starting point and select whole regions to find low fares. Get it for iOS or Android.
  16. Messenger — A free, easy way to communicate with people you are traveling with no matter what device they are using. Get it for iOS or Android.
  17. BestParking — GPS-driven parking finder. Especially useful if driving in a new city. There’s nothing worse than being in an unfamiliar place and struggling with finding parking. Get it for iOS or Android.
  18. Expedia — We’re told this app is usually able to find the best deal of all the apps on this list. Get it for iOS or Android.
  19. TripCase — If traveling a lot this app is a convenient way to keep all of your trip info in one place that automatically syncs with your calendar. Flight and status, hotel, and rental car info. Get it for iOS or Android.
  20. Agoda — A favorite for the bold use of colors, insider deal, and abundance of information on properties. Get it for iOS or Android.

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