Trend watch: Rethinking business travel rewards

There’s a new travel trend on the rise: Business travelers are saving their companies money by spending less on business travel…because they want to.

Upside makes it easy for business travelers to save their company lots of money in a way they are personally excited about — because they benefit too. Now business travelers can earn hundreds of dollars in brand name gift cards for making cost conscious travel choices that boost company savings.

All it takes is a little willingness to make small itinerary changes that (1) aren’t required by the company’s travel policy, (2) do not affect the business needs of the trip, and (3) drive big differences in travel costs.

All flexibility is 100% voluntary. Totally up to you, the traveler.

Two Travelers. Same Trip. Different Savings and Rewards.

The dollar amount a company can save and the amount a traveler can earn in free gift cards depends entirely on what’s permitted by the company’s travel policy and how flexible a traveler is willing to be on a particular trip.

Every company gives travelers a different set of permissions and guidance on what’s acceptable when buying travel. Sometimes there is a formal policy and sometimes it’s as informal as, “just be smart.” Regardless, every business traveler knows what’s acceptable to their company and what’s not.

Of course, some companies have different policies for different employees. That means two colleagues could take the same trip and see very different savings and rewards totals.

Here’s how:

If one traveler is allowed to fly Business Class to Asia and stay at a 4-star hotel but instead chooses to fly Premium Economy one or both ways, the savings and rewards can be substantial, perhaps more than $1,000. This amount reflects the significant cost differential between Business and Premium Economy seats. If the same traveler is willing to make a stop, stay at a hotel a few blocks further away from their preferred location or stay at a 3 ½ star hotel, then the numbers get even bigger.

A colleague might take the exact same trip to Asia but is only permitted to fly Premium Economy or Coach and stay at a 3-star hotel. Upside can still show this traveler a number of lower cost flight and hotel options that meet their business needs, but the totals will be more modest since the permitted spend is lower.

Time to Trend Upward.

Regardless of what a traveler is permitted to do, in all cases Upside can instantly show a range of high quality travel options that save money and reward the traveler for making those savings possible. The company and traveler both end up with upside.

Upside is currently in BETA and ready to use for international round trip business travel. We look forward to serving you and getting your feedback.

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