Thoughts in Nakia Life

Verse 2: You Can Do It, Too

“Don’t be afraid, to look up to the sky” — Pharrell Williams

This is for the person who feels that their entire life is a current clusterfuck. For the person who feels shitty because they know they have what they need and plenty more than some, but still aren’t happy with where they are. I’m writing this for you because it’s me, too.

Today remember that that feeling is temporary. Like all things in this life, it too, is TEMPORARY. Take a deep breath, recenter and refocus. Being content does not necessarily mean that you’re complacent. It means that you’re choosing to be fully present in the moment. Keep planning and grinding and pursuing those big dreams that keep you up at night.

Lastly, shoutout to anyone Tweeting/IG’ing/Snapping through their depression. I see you. We here. Keep pressing. We got this.

Glo fearlessly,

— Nakia D.

#RunThat You Can Do It Too


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