Humble ?

Humble is one of the critical factor driving your personal growth.
I never refuse others to share their suggestions or knowledge as I truly believe that so many people are smarter than me and willing to share their experiences / knowledge to me. Those sharing (lessons) ensure that I can keep learning something until I do it perfectly.

Also, it is one of the reason encouraging me to join open source project as I can meet a lot of smart developer by watching their practice.

I still remember that the first code review in my life comes from my friend Eric. He questions me about the reasons of following if statement.

isCorrect === false

rather than


Because the comparison is meaningless, costs extra operation and deduct the readability.

However, when I share it to my workmates today, there is two difference story.

A foreigner thanks for my sharing and allows me to charge his code.
A locale guy told me that he always do it on that way and do see any problems.

It upset me.

I am wondering that How can you learn new things by always doing and never seeing anything wrong.

Especially in the programming industry, the learning curve is endless.