Teaching, Killing and Endorsed Racism
Tasha Graff

Thanks for the read and for being an awesome teacher. You are the lifeblood of our country . I’ve gone back and forth on the death penalty mostly because the guilty aren’t 100% guilty in a lot of cases, the procedures aren’t humane, and the punishment disproportionately targets minorities (Aside from all of that if we catch someone doing something heinous without any doubt — then I say cook the bastard — but that is rare). What we can’t have though are militias and vigilante justice — that would be terrible for EVERYONE and no one would get any justice. So how do we stop the Lepage’s of the world from gaining more influence? What we have to do is confront our peers when they say something out of pocket and ignorant. Violently educate them by challenging their ideology and making them feel foolish for having those ideas in 2016. You can’t let someone walk away from a conversation anymore with the “Lets agree to disagree” mentality especially when they say things like ‘black on black crime’ or ‘impregnating white girls’ ask them what they mean by it and beat them over the head with facts, because then we can stop the Lepages of the world from even taking office. Listening to some of the rhetoric flying around this campaign season, I can’t help but to think back to pre-Nazi Germany and ask, “Were there any signs to the Jews living there that ‘NOW’ might be a good time to leave?”. How many times did public officials have to blame them for their society’s downfall before they should’ve said “Honey, pack up the van and get the kids — we’re leaving”. Or did they think it would never get as bad as it eventually did? As a minority in the US in 2016 I definitely feel persecuted by some segments of society, but I don’t want to be the Jew in 1933 Germany ignorantly hoping that the non-minorities in my country will stick up for me, speak out against this on my behalf and do the right thing. Canada is looking like a reasonable alternative. Maine was great to me (largely due to my high school environment), but i understand that is not everyone’s experience..

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