“Natural GMO’s”

…Seems like almost

everything today has

a g.m.o uncle

hidden in the


— -

brothers throw around

them Hipster terms

like they are

African centered proverbs

Playing the nasty

game of whom

has it worst

in the all

inclusive “Ethnic Olympics”

Sistahs starring into

societies warped mirror

changing all the


To I and

them, you, us

but never we

then maybe then

compassion is played

as if a

child’s game of

slow grow…

Black girls in

the ring sing

mean girl songs

of perms and

acrylic gel as

scores of the

measure of todays


Feature: accents and

couture trends blended

now slay dreams

of deferred children

Fulani Yoruba Ibo

girl where is

your extra cloth

how dare you

step left accents

Dropping tradition like

a nickel bag

of hope. Street

corner philosphy dictates

how you poplock

and drop it

like its hot

forget not the

blueprint the one

constantly duplicated credence

drained like her

womb spaces: Africa

A particular type

of shame for

you wanting to

recess the traits

of her from

you.. the physical

things no longer

define whats naturally


some people want

whats replicated we

No gmo but


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