I’ve Been Watching Bridal Shows

Now that I have moved to a new town and am still to validate my license to perform my business transactions, I’ve been watching some Television shows with my wife that she likes. One of those shows being the “Say Yes To The Dress” and I am learning many things from it.

One major aspect of the show is the emphasis on the Shopping Dream Experience and bringing out the happiness and the emotion of feeling uniquely special just like a princess (or more like a queen).

Women have had a very solid and special dream since they are little girls, that has been reinforced by many cartoons, tv series, magazines, movies, etc… The whole media has been playing a major part in this whole life event and when the moment comes, it is like the whole world has come toguether to meet them in their expectations and is conforming to what the desires they have always had. You can say it is a major scheme, but it is a vary beutiful scheme in the end.

To think that I have three daughters and they are starting to see all these agenda of the wedding dress industry, just gives me such a headache (LOL)! Really… the fact is that on that ONE day, they will be expecting for me (or their husband) to pay more than Five Thousand Dollars on a wedding dress, on top of a party and ceremony of more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, plus going to a Honeymoon all inclusive of more or less another Five Thousand Dollars! You are talking of a minimum of Thirty Thousand Dollars for a successful wedding… That’s Insane! (in my opinion)

As a Realtor, it bothers me somehow that so many fall everyday in this trap, and they start their marriage with a huge credit card bill or in debt! All for the sake of one special day!

My question is… what about the next day, or next week after the wedding is over? After their special day has passed and all the illusion is gone!?! What about their living situation? Do they have a Down Payment to be able to buy a house? Are they going to rent for the first two to five years of their marriage in order to save for their Down Payment? (I guess that was more that one question)

My thoughts have always been on what is practical and what makes sense, and what makes sense to me is the future. All the actions that I make in my life have a direct correlation to what type of future I want to mold for my family and how benefitial it could be. What make sense for me is to yes, be part of the very special moment in my daughters lives, but my financial contribution will only be for a Down Payment on their future home or in something that makes sense for their future.

I believe I have gone out of subject a bit, but I am still talking about the experinece. But how about the experience of buying a house? That has also been given a bit of attention now on the HGTV tv shows, but mostly on the high end price ranges and not on the realistic side of life, when I believe it should be an amazing experience for everyone just for the fact that is it a permanent and major purchase in anyone’s life.

Please, please, please, don’t get me wrong! I do not want to take from you that special moment you have been planning for so many years, don’t! I understand all of the glamour and attention the women receives and that that day makes them feel very special, like a princess/queen. I am just inviting you to have a different thought and point of view about what is really important and needed for a fucntional future in your finances and in your family.

After all this long text, all I have to say is… Las Vegas seems like a great idea for a Family Wedding Vacation! LOL

Ah…. and for a great start on your married life, forget about the fairy tale of the perfect expensive dress and wedding and focus on where you are going to live and save your money for that great investment! Then call me and I will find your house for you :)!

Yony Felipe, your Urban Liaison

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