How technologies become financial technologies and help us to get rich?

We should understand that the main base and main objective of developing technologies are society. Tech-developing is not a final objective, it’s just an instrument or a method to get competetive advantages. All reached competetive advantages later become the next stage of new objectives, where we can see new horizons. Thus, the world society moving up by widing spiral.

For several years I’ve been studyig for a method to make IPOs for innovative companies in Russia. In 2017, after rubble’s devaluation, costs would take $300k minimum. One of interesting IPO cases about innovative companies was in 2009 (MCX: ISKJ), when about $5 mln were rased. In the past life you needed to spend a couple of years to pass all administrative procedures among bureaucracy and unexpected costs for lawyers, nowadays it’s free.

New era of global liberty has become insensibly like a usual morning sunrise, like growing tree, when you are not able to fix changes in next five second, but you see them on a long distance. All technological solutions to make initial public offer of your growing business are found and have been actively involved yet in the internbational economic life.

What is share (stock) of business that is being traded on the New York stock exchange? It’s a kind of security representing a kind of law backed right for property, and able to exist only in human society.

Blockchain systems allow us to account property rights and commitments without dependance on central agencies. In this case instead of spending $300k for investment bankers we are able to make token — a criptocurrency that would backed by your business. The price is as low as electricity needed to boil some volume of water of to run Tesla car for some kilometers.

I believe that, maybe in ten or twenty years, Apple and Microsoft will capitalize till $10 trln each, and we will see many unknown success stories about startups grown to nowadays level of AAPL capitalisation ($800 bln), while newspapers will be writing about venture capitalists having 1% of those young companies. If you doubt — take a glance to 30 years ago. Many young boys ang girls, who doesn’t have $300k or even $3k to register their business of rent commercial real estate, will be able to promote their ideas to a global world. If they get susscess, the’ll earn $1 to $1000 from ecah of billions citizens of the Earth.