Five Tips for Asking for a Networking Introduction

Know someone who knows someone? Then ask for an introduction! You don’t have to be pushy or annoying about it but a simple question shouldn’t hurt you, so there’s nothing to lose! Once you have summoned the courage to ask, though, there are some basic things to bear in mind to make the introduction smooth and worthwhile for everyone involved:

Think It Through: There are varying schools of thought on whether to ask someone you have never met face-to-face for an introduction, so if you don’t know the person you’re asking personally (only virtually) make sure it’s an established, mutually beneficial relationship before asking for a networking introduction. If it is someone you have met in person but only occasionally, or you are uncertain about asking, check in with a trusted colleague, mentor or friend before asking. Or use good old-fashioned empathy: ask yourself how you would feel if they asked you? If you have any doubts about asking it is better to err on the side of caution and cultivate the relationship further first.

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