Of Hollywood Lechery and Guns

While making billions off of (poorly) portraying the casual and irresponsible use of guns, Hollywood and its smaller cousins in the entertainment industry have never hesitated, for even a moment, to blame the NRA for gun violence committed by non-NRA members, or to blame all gun owners for any gun violence whatsoever.

Contrary to Hollywood’s ridiculous assignment of culpability to them, neither the USA’s 100 million law-abiding gun owners nor the NRA’s 5 million members actually support or enable gun violence. The fact is that law-abiding gun owners, and especially trained NRA members, would not simply “look the other way” in the presence of a mass-murderer or mugger. Most would instead attempt to deal quickly and harshly with a criminal threat against themselves and bystanders.

With that in mind, I think it’s beyond fair to blame the entire entertainment industry for the sexual crimes of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and other lecherous perverts, rapists, and pedophiles who have safely operated under its well-aware and complicit protection for years. After all, most people in Hollywood seem to have not only been aware of these crimes, but they (even the victims themselves) have helped cover them up and have protected the criminals!

Hollywood is way more directly responsible for allowing sex crimes in its midst than gun rights supporters are for allowing gun crimes in theirs.

And while we’re looking at both kinds of crime anyway, I’ll note that Hollywood is also far more responsible for glorifying the misuse of guns than any typical gun owner or NRA member. The entertainment industry deserves considerable blame for showy mass shootings like Las Vegas, Aurora, and any school shooting you can name. No NRA member or law-abiding gun owner has condoned those crimes, or condones the irresponsible gun-handling practices and criminal behaviors that Hollywood loves to normalize to impressionable youths.

So my advice in both cases is this: Stop watching TV shows and movies. Stop buying and renting them. Stop buying magazine dedicated to celebrity news and gossip. Stop funding Hollywood’s activities. Let the perverted, criminally complicit entertainment industry starve and ultimately burn to the ground.

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