Don’t Miss the Boat — Use the Power of Facebook Custom Audience — Begin to Reengage, Up-sell and Expand Audiences

Urban Renstrom
Jan 23, 2018 · 9 min read

Ever wounder how you target the 2.1 billion on FaceGram or the 800 mil on InstaBook?

How to target and *kill it* like everyone else?

Yet, how does one travel from 2.1 billion, down to a tribe of thousand, to hundreds of clients?

Just Do It with Facebook Custom Audiences. That’s it!

To kill it on FaceGramBook you must ignore, yes ignore, the BIG numbers and instead niche down on ‘smaller’ realistic groups of 1 million or 500K and use WCAs.

Niching on ‘smaller’ groups mean mastering:

  • Saved audience
  • Custom audience
  • LookaLike audience

Hop on the explorer ship ‘BeyondIninity’, and set sail on the never ending sees of the Facebook Ads Platform and rule the sees.

This post: ‘Use the Power of Facebook Custom Audience — Begin to Reengage, Up-sell and Expand Audiences’ walks through the ‘how-to’ use Facebook’s powerful Custom Audiences to target the exact groups of people who want & need your products and services.

So, and a big so, before I spill the beans, let us start at the top (or bottom) of the marketing pile for a few seconds:

Effective Facebook advertising — all advertising –requires putting the right offer in front of the right audience at the right time — repeatedly.

Repeatedly. Right? — repeat and repeat, until peeps hate you or they buy from you…whichever comes first

Joking folks, joking…well, no I’m dead serious

Deadly serious on the repeating part, still…don’t be that spammer — we all know and hate.

Facebook Saved Audiences versus Facebook Custom Audience

Niching down from the 2.1billion, let us view audiences from the crows nest atop the mast of the ‘BeyondIninity’, and from there we sea the difference between saved and custom.

In broad brush strokes saved vs custom audiences is the cold versus warm audience; a passing interest versus ‘can you help me?’; a ready, fire, aim versus ready, aim, fire; brand unaware versus brand aware; tyre kickers versus cash in hand buyers.

Right? Right. Yes, these 12 groups are different, each with different expectations, different requirements and wanting different offers.

1st Find ‘Saved Audiences’ Here:

Access all audience from Ads Manager and click on the ‘hamburger’ on the top left / Audiences / Create Audience / Saved Audiences.

see images below:

See the the ‘All Tools’ circled? Clicking opens and reveal all the tool of the Ads platform.

Saved audience use demographic and psychographic traits as building blocks.

Saved audiences are groups people with similar demographic and psychographic traits.

Custom audiences are groups people who’ve taken the similar action.

Audience building for new advertisers or new niches begins in saved audiences.

Demographic traits are the lowest common denominators of location, age, gender, and language.

Psychographic traits provide richness, vibrancy, flavour and depth of character to accurately and effectively target people.

Inside the red brackets are the: demo, interest, behaviours, and more option.

Collectively, these four provide near ‘limitless’ targeting option of the 2.1 billion people on Facebook.

The true power of the Facebook ads platform is ability to slice, dice and mince the billion into groups we can laser target.

True power because we e.g. target people zip codes, by the soap they use, their birthdays, the car they drive, and how much money they earn and the places they’ve been. This targeting is not possible anywhere else.

What about those Facebook Custom Audience?

Facebook Custom Audience — Reengage, Up-sell and find new Audiences

Marketing Basics — the plumbing of your marketing maching — starts with installing the Facebook Pixel (read more) on your website. If not installed, you are leaving 80% of all money on the table. Takes 2 minutes for your web developer or 5 minutes for you…install and thank me later

So, the real power of the Facebook ads platform is in the Facebook Custom Audience (thought you said targeting was the real power? Yes I did :) )

Dusting off more of your marketing building blocks, the premises people must ‘know you, like you, and trust you before they buy from you’ overlaps with the cold, warm, and hot funnel stages and overlaps with the, AIDA classic, Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action stages.

The marketing building blocks are the foundation of how to market to people on Facebook and match the offer with the funnel stage.


Remember *saved audience* are cold, brand unaware people. Custom audiences, both website and engagement audiences, are brand aware, and further down the sales funnel.

Remember this funnel merry-go-round of cold unaware peeps in the top, cash in hand buyers out the bottom is a never-ending-process.

Audiences Are Dynamic — Not Static — Vision People Moving Through Audiences As If They Are On A River

Vision people moving through audiences as if they sitting on a boat on a river traveling through gates, with each gate an ‘audience’. It works like this:

If you set up, for example, 1, 2, and 3 day website custom audiences, then the people who visited your website yesterday are in the 1 day audience.

Tomorrow the ‘1 day audience’ peeps will move into the ‘2 day audience’ and the day after tomorrow the ‘1 day audience’ peeps are in the 3 day audience — so on and so forth…

People flow out of one audience into another. We decide and create the audience in the ads manager.

This audience flow is identical for website, and engagement audiences.

Set up base website custom audiences:

Set up these Website and Engagement Audiences.

Watch the Building Website Custom Audiences video

Read the Facebook Pixel blog post on how to set up and use the pixel.

[ Again ] Go to the ‘hamburger’ / Audiences / Create Audience / Custom Audience / Website Audience

Click on ‘Website Traffic’ option opens the ‘Create a Custom Audience’ window:

Click ‘All website Visitors’

…and build these website custom audiences:

  • WCA-1 day
  • WCA-5 day
  • WCA-10 day
  • WCA-30 day
  • WCA-90 day
  • WCA — people who landed on your Thank You page.

Why these 6?

Simple — to reengage the people who left your website without registering, signing up, or purchasing.

One way to think about it is this way: the people who visited your website yesterday have you freshest in their mind. Message them all with gift of a lead magnet or something of high value.

Right? To goal is to entice peep into your email marketing or Facebook messenger bot system. Where you nurture with more value information and give peeps the chance to know you, like you, and trust you so they can buy from you.

The philosophies of ‘how to reengage’ website visitors is as different as there are business models. Mine is only one suggestion.

What is a known known is the brand awareness of ‘recent’ visitors, is the highest, and the likelihood of converting them is also greatest.

Set up these Facebook Page Engagement Audiences.

Watch the video as I discuss and walk through how and why of Facebook Page Engagement Custom Audiences.

Facebook Page Engagement Audiences are the second powerful custom audience.

Facebook allows us to make audience of people who are in groups 1–6 on the image.

No 3. Looks useful — create a custom audience ‘… of people who engaged with any post or advert’


No 5. create a custom audience ‘… of people who send message to your page’ e.g. used messenger to message your page…


We get to create custom audience of people who have not visiting our websites or handed over any contact details…

The possibilities and power to retarget people is immense.

The next audiences are lookalike audiences. Look at what?

Look a what? Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike or LLA are clone audiences. Clones like Dolly the sheep — but a million times better.

Ok clone audience of a seed audience. but, not a 1–2–1 clone like dolly the sheep but, think thousands to million clones.

A million person clone audience coming from one seed audience of ~100 or 1000 customers…

Go on a mental journey with me for a second.

Imaging you sold a 3 video video courses on how to do a task. A *get rid of weeds in your garden* or *how to remove red wine stains on white cloths* or *how to train your dragon to walk without pulling the leed (leash)*.

You sold this course for €99. Every person gave you a) gave you their email address and/or b) landed on a dedicated ‘thank you’ page after they paid.

You sold this course for €99. Every person who purchased the course a) gave you their email address and/or b) landed on a dedicated ‘thank you’ page after they paid.

In both cases you got contact info of actually splash the chase paying customers!

Answer me this list building question. Which list would you rather own — a 10,000 person tyre kickers list of interesteds in 24 months or a list of 1000 paying customer?

“I’ll take Door #2 for $500, Bob”

Bingo. A list of paying customer is what you want…

What is better than list of 1000 paying customer…

A list of one million people with exact characteristics of your customers. Right?

Take your customers list and plug the email addresses into the ‘Custom Audience/Customer file’.

See image below:

Facebook then matches the seed email address with real profiles.

Take that new custom audience and create LAL audiences.

Lookalike Audiences — is Facebook Finding people on Facebook who are copies of existing audiences.

Choose the country/region you want the LAL for and how many audiences — 1, 2, 3–6.

Remember each of the 1, 2, etc. represents the total % of the population in the country which matches your seed audience.

The 1% are people with the closet match to your seed audience.

E.g. A 1%:

  • USA Lal is 2.1 million
  • UK Lal is 410K
  • Australia Lal is 162K

Recap: LAl audience are exact match audiences in characteristics to your seed audience.

The LAL audiences are still cold, brand unaware audience but the potential is high to become customers.

Recap on the recap

Facebook custom audience are the bomb…they let us retarget people who visited our website.

Custom audience let us target people who interacted with our Facebook ads or post (even if they are not our page fans) and we can 1,000,000X our potential customers using Lookalike audiences.

Right…your head should be spinning with all the possibilities and testing options.

Begin by install the FB pixel on your website.

Create 1, 3, 5, 10, and 90 day WCA, website custom audience.

Retarget with relevant offers to these groups.

Photo by Bobby Burch

Originally published at Urban

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