Use the Facebook Send Message Button to Woo, Fascinate & Surprise and Super Charge Customer Acquisitions

Urban Renstrom
Sep 14, 2018 · 7 min read

Me: spot a Facebook advert in my news feed; I click the ‘Send Message’ button to ‘learn more’.

Owner: (sending, obviously to me, the default auto response) Hi, Urban! Please let us know how we can help you.

Me: Believe you targeted me in one of your FB adverts. Is this Messenger reply automated (as it doesn’t appear so)?

Owner: “Sorry about that Urban, it is an automatic message that is sent, will try to avoid it in the future.

Me: (Seriously! OMFG! Holding my head in my hands in disbelief)…

Me: (OMFG!) Ah, lol, no I was *wishing* is was automated. Because, manual replies waste time and if you don’t reply immediately you loose. Loose people to your competitor.

…engage with the conversation your audience is already having…where they want to have it… in Messenger!

All the credit in the world goes to this advertiser as he replied, all be it 20 minutes later.

STOP! As you are doing the ‘Send Message’ message button wrong.
Facebook Messenger (Send Message button), is where you give instant answers and auto replies to woo, fascinate and delight, gives a) people the best customer experience, b) you a USP, and c) you the capacity to lead score people directly from Facebook Ads — saving you time, money, and effort, d) See these 20+ other reasons to use Facebook Messenger

All the credit in the world goes to this advertiser as he replied, all be it 20 minutes later.

The problem, the problem, is with my Curse of Knowledge (or curse of arrogance — my belief I know what is better and best).

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Facebook Messenger is not your parents Messenger. It is all grown up and 1 million times bigger and better. Messenger is a fully functional email marking killer, a CRM, drip content machine, lead scoring, instant answers and auto reply message godsend. However, done wrong and you loose people to your competitors. Done right, and it’s easy to do the Send Message button right, and very easy to delight people and win them over and earn money.

If your not using Messenger for business you’re loosing. Loosing customers, money, time, and falling behind your competitors.

Back to basics — Marketing — Helping People Solve their Problems

Business is building relationships with people — having one-on-one conversations. Chatbots (Messenger™ marketing) allows those one-on-one relationships interaction at scale.

Right? Use marketing to help people solve problem.

Because, the more we help, the more people like us, more they like us, the more they will trust us. The deeper the trust, the faster they’ll buy from us.

Badda bing, badda boom.

Simple process, right?

However, most businesses muck it up.

(recall) People go through Eugene Schwartz five phases of the ‘buyer’s journey’ before they are ready to buy a product that solve their problems. The five steps are:

  1. problem unaware
  2. problem aware
  3. solution aware
  4. provider aware
  5. most aware

Only at step five do people ‘flash the cash’. Naturally, the journey takes time — depending on the complexity of the problem, knowledge available, and 100 other factors.

Buyers don’t ‘flash the cash’ because you put one stinky advert in front of them in the Facebook news feed.

(Backing up further) remember why people buy in the first place, they have:

  • Pain in the present. Have a problem and need it fixed immediately.
  • Pain in the future: anticipate a future problem and planning to solve it now.
  • Pleasure in the present — looking for something to fulfill and immediate need or desire
  • Pleasure in the future — people want to invest now to later reap the rewards

Right? So, base your ‘offer’ on one of these four and all marketing becomes simpler and easier.

Circling back to the: “Sorry about that Urban, it is an automatic message that is sent, will try to avoid it in the future

Use the Facebook Send Message button to Supercharge your Customer Acquisition and Facebook Ads ROI

If you treat people beyond their expectations, you might just build up loyalty.

Right? Supercharge! “Bold claim Urban!” Yes it is. Here is why my claim is bold.

First, automating Facebook Messenger messages provides instant replies and auto answers. Gives all the warm and fuzzes to peeps that…you…ah…actually (gulp)…care…about them.

I did a simple simple scientific test. I clicked on the Send Message button on 100 different Facebook adverts that showed up in my news feed. Each and every one of them failed my simple base level customer experience test.

What is the base level customer experience test? Simple — Does an advertiser give instant replies and auto answers?

This, from an FB Advertiser does not pass the base level customer experience test:

…“Hi, Urban! Please let us know how we can help you”

#Really! #BestYouCanDo? #ThinkAboutIt.

You earned enough of my attention that I clicked the ‘learn more’ (send message) button. Then, bam I’m left at the (alter!) door with, with, little except the feeling of anticipation…for…more.

Flip this Facebook fiasco into a real life bricks and mortar business, right? Same person walks into your shop and you say ‘tell me what your problem is and I’ll get back to you 20 minutes later’! Would you wait? No of course you wouldn’t Me? I’d walk. Worse, I would tell all my friends about this sh1t experience.

#ThisShitHappensOnline #CannotMakeItUp #CallingItAsISeeIt

Second, you’re wasting money by leaving people waiting at the door. Right? You paid good money to get people to click the Send Message button…why do you choose to ignore them?

Are you ready! Ready to up your Facebook skills — do you know how-to calculate a budget for Facebook Ads, or know about the size of the opportunity with Facebook™ Messenger marketing, or maybe you need to go back to basics with my Facebook Ads FAQ where I answer all those pesky ads questions.

Third, instant answers and auto replies, delivered 24/7, inside messenger, saves you bucket loads of hours each week. Instead of typing out answers to every/ question — and forcing peeps to wait that grueling stomach turning 20 minutes. Give people all the answers they are looking for. Making you look the part of the hero.

Forth, the Facebook Messenger™ 3rd party apps do amazing things. Like track what people click, like and don’t like. Useful to segment people and give message tailored.

Tracking, at the very base level, allows marketers to lead score. Right? Lead scoring segments people into cold, warm, or hot leads. Right? Would that help your salesmen? #ThinkAboutIt the ability to lead score people direct from Facebook ad!


Fifth, you must woo, fascinate and delight people with great and unexpected customer experiences.

Hands down, excellent and memorable customer experience is the easiest your Unique Selling Proposition, USP, that thing giving you the upper hand over your competitor.

Sixth, that twenty-minute wait is an eternity in internet time. Right? Society has programmed us to expect immediate gratification. Satisfy that immediate gratification with instant replies and auto answers.

Worse, that delay is feeble and you will lose a customer. Forever. Forever!

In Practice — The better Facebook Send Message Button Experience

Look at this typical Facebook Advert image. The name and identities have been change to protect the innocent!

This advert is representative of the 100+ adverts I click.

The reply from the ‘Send Message’ button is

hum…this advert is well, poor for many reasons. Read this Facebook Ads Tear down and see why it is bad (good read actually)…

Send this Messenger message instead:

Don’t be scared by this picture. The image is the ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of a Messenger message.

A short video of discussing this Messenger message for the home improvement company.

After the ‘Send Message‘ button get pressed, this is the series of short text message, and images sent as auto replies and instant messages.

The left side of the red line is the FAQ section where people get answers to the most common questions.

Right side of the red line are questions asking prior to generating a quotation.

Finally, I’m asking for a contact email address, which gets auto populated by Facebook (how cool is that!).

This video is how the same Messenger message looks…in messenger.

Want to see for yourself? Try the demo the Messenger messages for the Home Improvement company. This opens in Facebook Messenger! Then click the blue ‘Get Started’ button.

Putting the Facebook Send Message Button to Good Use

Ditch the default FB messenger replies…they are worthless compared to what you should do.

Think like people are standing in front of you and provide answers to the base questions people normally ask.

Then, provide opportunity for people to ‘move it forward’ and contact you.

Originally published at Urban

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