May I help you Doc?

The proverb goes, ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away’. But is it really possible to go without a doctor when stress and pollution have taken over so much of our life? Perhaps not. This is the reason why the doctors are compelled to have a terribly busy schedule, day in and day out. Most doctors work seven days a week without break. Most part of the day is spent with patients, medical salesmen and other medical practitioners. At the end of the day, s/he is left with no time for family, friends and hobbies. Lack of time begins to get worse when you climb the ladder of success. Then maybe you decide to appoint a personal assistant for sharing some of the duties but will any PA work in both day and night shift? Never. The rescue to this problem is hiring a Medical Virtual Assistant.


A Virtual Assistant can handle patient appointments, answer calls, manage calendars, respond voice-mails and so on. A medical virtual assistant can help a doctor in conducting medical researches, word processing, managing spreadsheet and making PPT. A virtual assistant is the most convenient option for patient billing, insurance claims, medical transcription and also maintaining electronic medical records as they are individuals with specific skill-set. They work on Pay-As-You-Go system and you need not worry about paying employee benefits.

When you hire a virtual assistant for yourself, s/he can even order your favorite cappuccino or that extra cheese pizza for you when you are really busy planning for a surgery next morning. Then you start gaining Sundays back in your life and may go to those places where your physical presence is necessary to create memories.

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