Social Media Marketing for your Business

When Social Networking first started or got its hype, we all started using these a lot and connecting with people and communicating. Oh it was great! For me, the first IM experience started with Yahoo messenger. It was really cool back then. Now after having these sites for so many years around us, we don’t get that same level of excitement, but we don’t want to leave it either because of the network we have built, content that we have shared and many other reasons. For a few years now, we have started seeing the benefits of social networking sites for business. Why? We know these sites always have a high volume of traffic and if things are done well, then we can divert the traffic to our pages. We can promote our brand to increase the awareness of what we do as a business. There are many marketing benefits these social networking platforms offer.

To speak of the effectiveness of social media marketing, it has a 100% higher prompt close rate than outbound advertising. Also, around 84% of B2B advertisers utilize web-based social networking in some frame or the other. Irrespective of what you offer as a service or product and who you pitch it to, utilizing online networking as a promoting device can turn out to be one of your wisest choices today.

Social media boosts your website’s traffic and should be a big part of your brand’s digital marketing tactics. Consistency however is the key to ensure that your presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels are contributing to the success of your business.

If you’re doing it in a right way, social media can lead to building real relationships. People go through the social media posts as daily posts and not as advertisements. If they find the post somewhat related to their requirements, then it can lead to serious web traffic through direct engagement, shares and likes. The social medium platforms are gearing up too, and making business opportunities better. Facebook, for instance, enables you to target clients by area, industry, purchase history and the pages they’ve preferred.

A strong social media presence builds your brand loyalty. People see you often, new people find you, and with new connects come new opportunities. Social media marketing will get you more sales, sooner or later. The best part of Social media marketing is that it is cheap and mostly free in nature. What better way to get sales out of only creative effort and no investment?

There are a lot of things you can do on Social Networking sites to promote your business. But, to start with, start with the simplest and the easiest steps. I created a simple social media strategy a few days back. You can download it from this link:

Are you ready to buzz ahead with your sales and leave the old sales figures behind? Do you have dreams to be seen as a business in the social media world but not the time/energy to be consistent at it? Give us a call and talk to us to know the amazing ways we can help. If writing is your thing, we are all ears at