This week’s Urbanity Planet art criticism written by the imitable Jake Grossman.

Have you missed out on some of the weekly updates to Urbanity Planet? Prefer to read all of the past year’s comics in one sitting? Escape to Planet N!#ult0n in the second printed zine, which collects all comics published between October 2016 and October 2017.

Catch up on all of the stories, plus see upcoming, unpublished comics and some extra doodles. 28 pages and $5 a pop at my online store.

How Milton tackles his content-writing gig on, where self-expression meets market forces.

A scene from Robert’s workplace, a startup on Planet N!#ult0n.

Robert is processing his breakup with Becky.

Urbanity Planet

a webcomic by Theora Kvitka. Other comics, illustration and more at:

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