OUCH jobs number miss

So where do we go from here, jobs just killed the market on Friday, initially, the $spy was down almost 2 points before gaining almost everything back. You can’t short this market or go long, it’s a real tough call to make. So what do we do for the summer? I’d say kick back and just relax but that’s not going to happen.

With the jobs number coming in so abysmal and uncertainty of european markets I think it’s safe to say us equities are the place to be. The dollar could still rise going forward which will hurt commodities but for now I’m in the court of beliebers that interest rates will stay low for the summer at least.

This sets up for a very safe summer equities wise.

Here is where I want to be and what I will be looking at.

$panw- this stock got killed after earnings came out but has battled back to the near 139 range. Is like to see this pullback a few more bucks to 135

$wynn- really loving this stock so far this year, it’ll take some time but this could be 125 by year end. Macau is starting to get better and the Chinese economy is still doing okay.

$alta- wow this stock is just a value investors dream. It has had An amazing run, I’d think long term this could be 400 one day but also could be a potential buy out company.

$regn- best of the best here when it comes to biotech. It’s risky especially with Hilary possibly getting the presidency but for now this could make a run this summer.

That is it for now

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