I was responding to this: “ In today’s league, a non-shooter is a liability.”
Ram Shoham

Giannis has an okay mid-range game and is starting to look good as a finisher. He’s very obviously working on his 3-point shot. He’s a shooter, just not a fully-fledged shooter. Does anyone doubt his growth potential? He’s not yet a finished product, but we can see where he’s going with his skill development.

Rajon Rondo is a better example of someone who might prove your point. He’s just about the best example of a nonshooter you could find who contributes to his team’s success. He does lift the Bulls when he’s on the court; his plus-minus is okay. The problem is that though he does contribute, any good 2-way player will contribute more.

Will Rajon ever make the max salary? Will he ever be regarded as a franchise centerpiece?

No. He’s just not able to bring enough to his team. Not in a league that values 2-way play: both offensive threat and locked-in defense. The best you can hope is for him to be a role player.

Role players are not what you hope to extract out of the top 5 draft picks.

And Giannis doesn’t aim to be a role player, either. He wants it all. Just watch him as he tries very hard to improve his game in all aspects. That young man will be a shooter, and he’s already partway there.