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He’s an average *wing* player — though he shows flashes of brilliance that suggest he may be better than average going forward (he’s still young).

In the NBA right now, wings are in short supply. Guards, centers, there are too many of both; but competent wings, even average wings, are valuable precisely because many franchises don’t have enough of them to play the kind of basketball they would like to play.

If you can hold onto a young ‘average’ wing player in this league for cheap, it’s really smart to do it. The salary Simmons got from Orlando is cheap for what he brings. Come on, six million a year for a competent wing player? One whose game is still improving? That’s a total steal.

After Kahwi went down in the Western Conference finals, Simmons really was the only Spur who looked sharp against GSW. Keeping a guy like that around on a relatively cheap contract, like the one he signed with Orlando, would have been smart to do.

Too late now.