8 Common Arguments Against Vaccines
Gid M-K; Health Nerd

I accept every single one of the author’s arguments.

There’s one argument he didn’t mention. Who thinks it’s smart to put mercury into some vaccines?

Mercury is just incredibly damaging to neurons.

We know that some people in the population have difficulty ridding their bodies of mercury poisoning. But even for those of us who *can* eliminate mercury poisoning (which is most of us), it has a half life in the body, and some of that mercury is going to interact with neurons before it is eliminated.

Neurons are among the best blood-supplied cells in the body. An injection of mercury is going to damage some neurons.

I’m all in favor of using vaccines. But it stuns me that doctors who act to protect Big Pharma invariably duck and dodge the mercury problem while assuring us that all vaccines are safe.

We could have phased out mercury as a vaccine preservative decades ago. Some manufacturers *have* phased it out. But not all of them. And the pro-vaccine voices we hear, like the author of this article, aren’t willing to even bring it up.

We have a similar pro-industry stance among dentists defending the use of mercury in tooth fillings. Studies have shown that those fillings *do* outgas mercury vapor, which is then ingested. It’s a low dose, but there is *no such thing* as a safe dose of mercury. Yet dentists, defending manufacturers, have long asserted, contrary to available science, that fillings do *not* out-gas mercury vapor.

We’ll get honest answers out of doctors and dentists when it becomes illegal for manufacturers to pay them for their public testimony. Until then, what we will hear is mostly pro-industry propaganda.

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