I didn’t argue that Hillary’s unethical collusion with the DNC legally precluded her from being…
Michael Harmon

Pence is up to his neck in this affair, not because he himself colluded with Russians, but because he helped to cover it up. He *still* denies that he knew anything about all of the many contacts between members of his transition team and Russian agents. He *still* denies noticing what was happening during the campaign. He *still* pretends that Trump demanding at the party convention to remove platform language condemning Russia for invading Ukraine was an ordinary and usual right-wing political position (it wasn’t). Either he’s too stupid to be President, or he’s a blatant liar and guilty of obstruction of justice.

I think we need to be focused tightly on the problem of constitutional legitimacy, not character. I don’t think much of the character of any of these people, including Trump, Pence, Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton. An odor of corruption emanates from all of them.

Ryan’s ascension produces the least constitutional damage at this juncture, I think. Lessig argues otherwise. Throwing ethics into this legal discussion just confuses the constitutional legitimacy question. This isn’t about who is the nicest guy or gal.

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