Ask Ethan: How close are we to a Theory of Everything?
Ethan Siegel

This is the first time I’ve laid eyeballs on the Standard Model as a single continuous equation. Goodness.

Obviously I’m not a physicist. I think I’m happy to let physicists handle that chore while I go about my business.

But the mysteries physicists are probing should be fascinating to laymen, too.

When Einstein produced his famous Special Relativity equations — which he did well before he tackled General Relativity — it was a sort of ‘eureka’ moment in physics. He had simplified what had been regarded as complex.

The complexity of the Standard Model makes me wonder if we’re in need of another ‘eureka’ moment.

I’m intrigued by attempts to derive Standard Model results using holographic projection math. The idea suggests that there is a simpler reality beneath the one we can perceive, and that if we understood it, we’d have a powerful new set of tools by which to examine the universe.

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