Why Urgent Cares are the best thing since sliced bread

Why Urgent Cares are the best thing since sliced bread

There are more than 9300 Urgent Care centers in the US, and that number is expanding at a substantial rate. Insurers and consumers alike are enjoying the value-based services provided in one convenient Urgent Care location, leading to unprecedented rapid growth within this health segment. Simply put, people are figuring out that Urgent Care clinics offer more flexibility, prompt attention and medical services than a visit to the doctor or ER. Here’s why…

They have appointments and hours when your primary care doctor does not

With a growing shortage of primary care physicians, it’s not surprising that scheduling a timely, convenient appointment with your family doctor can be difficult. Enter the Urgent Care center! Your local Urgent Care clinic is likely to be open far later into the evening and on both weekend days, in addition to offering walk-in appointments. When you have an illness that is not quite an emergency, but calls for a medical consult or a prescription that may help you get through the night, Urgent Care centers have the edge in keeping you on top of your health needs with their extended hours and availability. (However, you will still want to visit your doctor for managing your chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.) Urgent Care centers are working carefully to collaborate with primary care physicians to keep them apprised of medical treatment provided at the clinic… Read More

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