Millie C. Uribe
1 min readSep 20, 2017

A little description about what a slam poem is.

The entire concepts of what we really are, were mixed with rythm and strong sentences to say something powerful to somebody or even to ourselves and that is why Dr. Raúl, showed us some examples in the middle of the first Thursday and explained to us of what slam poems were. Thus, the design of it, has to be in a video our maybe in another language to transform something complex to simple words.

For me, this activity became the most meaninful part of a lesson plan to develop inside the classroom, because i was used to do poems or wrote fairytales, but nothing likes this… I am really impressed of how just a simple writing exercise pushed the uncomfortable feelings into a camera and also, been the bravest person inside that rhymes.

I hope that not only me, but other semesters can enjoyed it as much as I did. and to keep in that order or ideas, i have to say that, it’s important showing all the slam poems to motivated all the stts to became more and more experts inside other activities like: desing or use another programmes that you’d never used before.