Stockholm to Home

Our final destination was Stockholm to learn more about the Nordics. We flew in on Monday after leaving Utrecht and made our way into the city in the early evening. The weather was an entirely different experience, we had just gone from the hot temperatures of India to the moderate climate of Netherlands, and finally to the chilly environment of Stockholm. Also, the sun went down even later in Stockholm than it did in the Netherlands. It wouldn’t get dark until around 11pm! We had a great dinner our first night in Sweden and geared up for our final day of meetings.

The Buildings were all so Beautiful!

We met with the BCD office in Stockholm and discussed a bit about what made the Nordics so different. We spoke with Thomas and Joakim about BCD and how they operate in the Nordic countries. They spoke to us about TicketBiz and how BCD had acquired them recently. TicketBiz was incredibly strong in the Nordics and gave BCD a way into this market. There is a lot of competition in the Nordics, and taking an established name like TicketBiz and using it to stand out was a good move by BCD. There is still a lot of potential for growth in the Nordics and it will be interesting to see how BCD ends up doing there.

Off to Start the Day!

After we left BCD we spent our evening walking through Stockholm and exploring the city. Anna took us to so many cool places and we were able to see so many nice buildings and statues. I felt like I was walking through such a cultured city when I was there. Also, I finally got to try some raw herring that morning with breakfast! Now that may sound unappealing, but I can assure you all it was delicious! After we finished seeing the city we went out to dinner with Chicka and Christian Dahl. We talked about our experiences around the world and had some time to reminisce and look ahead at what will come in the future.

Exploring Stockholm

The 6 weeks of travel that Mary, Anna, and I were nothing short of incredible. We saw so much, ate more than we saw, and learned even more than we ate. It brought us very close in such a short time period. After seeing them every day for 6 weeks it feels a little weird only speaking with them through texts. I feel like I should still be waking up at 7:00am and seeing them at breakfast getting ready to start our busy day. The end of our journey around the world was bittersweet. We were excited for what comes next, but a little sad that our travel had come to an end. And while that portion of our journey has ended, I can’t help but to feel that we are just starting a new adventure.

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