Managing Diabetes in the Summer Months

The summer heat is just around the corner, which means diabetics must take a few extra precautions when it comes to managing their condition. There’s no question that the majority of us love summer; the warm weather is an excuse to go to the beach, tend to the garden, or just play outside with children and grandchildren. If you are diabetic, you can still do these things, but as you know, diabetes makes things just a little more complicated. Here’s why when it comes to summertime management:

Your Risk of Dehydration Goes Up Significantly in the Summer

If you are exposed to heat, your body will become dehydrated more quickly as it causes your body to lose fluid more quickly in the form of sweat. What’s another cause of dehydration?You guessed it: high blood sugar. It’s, therefore, important to drink more fluids in the summer, making sure, of course, that you avoid the sugary drinks. If you notice you are thirsty, be sure to grab a healthy drink as soon as you can.

Other Tips to Consider to Keep You Safe

In addition to drinking enough fluids, it’s important to have a plan. For example, when we get closer to the dog days of summer, you’ll want to avoid being exposed to the hot temperatures if you can help it. Plan to do any activities outside when it’s cooler outside in the morning and evening. If you can only exercise during the day, it might be a good idea to opt for an air conditioned area instead, like a gym. If you don’t like gyms, a walk around a shopping mall could work as well. Obviously, if you do go outside, dress appropriately so any sweat can evaporate easily.

Also, please take some time to understand the symptoms of heat exhaustion as diabetics have a higher risk. Some of the most common symptoms include heavy sweat, fatigue, a weak and rapid pulse, and dizziness. If you find that you are susceptible to heat exhaustion, you may want to consider having your diabetic medical supplies shipped to your door in the summer to avoid exposure.

While diabetics do have to be a little more careful, they can still enjoy summer just as much as anyone else. Keep these tips and any instructions from your health care provider in mind to maintain your diabetes during the warmer months.

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