A Message for First Time Burners
Edward Sullivan

“Give Something Back”

I went to my first burn in 2015, and overall had a great experience, met so many people from different backgrounds who had great stories to tell. Unfortunately, I was in a camp with a lot of people I worked with, and about half of them came there with the mentality that they were there to party all week, and myself and a few others were there to facilitate this for them. It was the one negative aspect of my experience, and I quickly learned that if I wasn’t around camp, then they couldn’t make extremely selfish demands of me. They missed the memo about self-reliance, and what the conditions out on the playa would be. They filled up the sewage tanks in the RVs because they refused to use the portapotties, and emptied the freshwater tanks because they were taking daily showers, and then adamantly refused to listen when I told them it was their own responsibility to go flag down and negotiate with the guys selling RV services, since they were the ones who were trashing their RVs.

I hope to return to Burning Man someday, but never again will I do it with a crew of selfish people who think it’s just a week long rave in the desert.

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