This was a super fun project I did for a client.

His requirements were as follow:

All through the day, I want call reminders for specific events 10 mins before the meeting time, so I can leave my current meeting with out a hitch and go for the next one.

I have hooked up lots of external APIs in Google Sheets using Apps Script. Mailchimp, Airtable, Twilio, 46elks to name a few. But they all have REST APIs.
Recently I had setup a daily extraction automation from a marketing platform and they had SOAP API. I had worked with xml…

I was using Google Group to provide access to our dashboard in Google Data Studio. The members kept adding and the process became tedious. We were already keeping/adding all emails in a Google Sheet for some mapping. So this is what I did.

I added a script to Google…

This is no particular order or has no particular thought process. Consider it a scribbles on the side of your classroom lecture notes.

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If are a newbie and struggling to get job/projects, the one thing that worked for me to make my proposal stand out was this. For a client…

UPDATE: Please do not waste time reading this. There is a simpler one line solution to this problem, posted here:!topic/appmaker-users/yQeif_MxDhA.

For your popup, set your datasource to ‘Person’, then drag a form widget into the popup. For your form wizard when setting the datasource you need to scroll down…

So I abandoned this project because Airtable does not provide an API endpoint to verify if user entered API KEY is correct. I talked to the customer service and their response was disappointing to say the least. Given there are so many end points already to access the data, a…

You are admin of a G-Suite set up. You upload training videos for your organization members on Google Drive/Team Drive. To increase productivity, you want to ensure all members watch the videos you upload.

You utilize this amazing GSuite Reports API and use Google Sheets as your dashboard to…

The Part I of this article explains, in a clumsy manner, how to automate creating and sending Mailchimp Campaigns right from within Google Sheets using Google Apps Script. In this part, I will be even more clumsy with my explanation to share with you how to analyze Mailchimp campaigns.


Firs thing, Mailchimp has an amazing, well documented RESTful API. I loved exploring all what it had to offer and using it with Google Sheets and automating the whole campaign process right at the click of the button was surely fun.

A little about the test campaign that I am…

Just putting it out there for some one who forgets syntax of RESTful API call in Google Apps Script.EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. This one is for AirTable API.


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Urvah Shabbir

Data Engineer - Business Intelligence

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