Usain Hulk Designs

Hello Everyone, I have an announcement to make. You may have noticed I’ve been really busy for past 6–8 months. I was working on something that I only dreamed as a kid. Time to make that dream a reality, but first I need to thank everyone that made this into possibility. Firstly I would like to thank my loyal, funny and kind hearted friend Mr. Pulpjohnfiction. He through his determination for his own community had brought me help on every stage of my project, we have seen so much. It amazing to see how long ago we met, more than 3 years ago to be near exact. Next I would like to thank my Friend Kleetho, She may not realize it but she is also among the reasons to make this happen. Next I would to thank my mentors MisterInsayne to be there and help me with all the help I need regarding advanced programming and advanced scripting and Silaquigreyhawke to always be there to teach me new tricks and to correct me and give me ideas for all my graphics. I would be lost without these two guys. Last but the least I would like to thank my true friend group, Nurse_Rachett , Precious Tovah, PlayertwoReady, TheDCPlaya , LucyMarieKiwi, Danielm59, To be there always for me, Anytime of the day and at any given day. These are the guys responsible to push me out there every day for the past months. Also I would like to thank all my friends out there, each one of you are responsible to make this happen, I would like you thank each and every one of you from bottom of my heart. Thank You and please be awesome!.

Now I would like to thank a really important person in this project. A person who really made this happen, the person responsible to make paper works for me, Look into legal stuff, possible issues everything legal related was done by this wonderful person. Meet my Business Advisor Asanria! Asanria is the person who truly through her hard work helped me to make this possible. I will be forever thankful to her for her help.

Now what is this project? Why have I been awake as late as 8 am my time working on it, What is it you may ask?

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to announce the launch of my company Usain Hulk Designs for graphic design and web development on 8 of august 2016. It was my hobby and dream to be big one day. And I always loved what I do; I love all the fun I have while programming or while designing this is what I do. And this I what I want to do and this is what I will do no matter what. Was it tough to get here? Yes, I lost many friends, all my saving, this is just a few to mention, the list goes on and on. But the thing is I had people mentioned above to help me, I Had a dream and a determination to do it and let me tell you it will happen. So this is it? No, I would like to tell you the good things have just began, Talk to you all soon!

-Usain Hulk

Founder and CEO of Usain Hulk Designs

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