Botsify 2.0 — Make Artificial Intelligent Chat Bots and More

Botsify 2.0 A step towards building better chat bots through Artificial Intelligence

Since two months, we have been working on this update and I am really excited to announce Botsify 2.0 today. We launched Botsify back in April when facebook announced Messenger API at the F8 event. It has been a roller-coaster ride from the time we featured on Product Hunt and got published on several tech blogs, but we quickly realized that something was missing. With everything revolutionary in the 21st century, making a manual limited boring Chatbot is going to be old soon; so we did what IT people are best at! We thought why not allow people to do amazing AI stuff without coding? We introduced amazing Algorithms, applied cognition and made the bot Artificially Intelligent. So join now and take over the world — one bot at a time

Botsify 2.0 is about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Context aware stories

Botsify stories let you create multi-step question-answer sequence, which allows your bot to store user’s replies & track what user has said uptill now. Like;

User Says, “How’s the weather outside?”

Bot Replies, “What location?”

User Says, “London, England”

Bot Replies, “Its Raining Cows!”

Creating a weather chat bot in Botsify
Now the bot knows user’s current location; it is able to connect it with the weather and knows that the user has been talking about the weather.

Intelligent entity parsers

Using Facebook’s intelligent entity parser & we can now capture things like date/ time/ location/ numbers from user’s text helping in several different scenarios. Now create your own entities or find one in the suggested list. We will be incorporating several other entity parsers including of “ and” so you have multiple choices.

Again — We love and know this is one of the best NLP platforms arround, But it is missing the bot integration.

Using wit entity extraction
We have tried to provide you with the interface which allows you to create context aware use cases for your bot and additionally allowing you to let you train your bot over several new user phrases.

Machine learning on new user queries.

If you have ever tried you would know it’s one of the most important feature in machine learning, it takes each user response which the bot fails to understand & take your help to validate it so it can learn new scenarios for the future.

Botsify machine learning in action
That’s exactly what we have done! Each user query which your bot fails to understand is captured correctly for your future users if you validate them using Botsify.

New templates and more buttons.

Facebook recently announced share button, call button and buy button in their messenger API update. We have got call button and share button for your templates. You are also able to create file, audio, image and video templates now.

The buy button is coming soon, it needs facebook approval and it’s expected to take sometime. But check out the super cool other buttons all upgraded and functional.

Storage for user’s attribute

Sometimes you can build a user’s persona/ profile using subtle question so you can refer it for customized and advanced features like: Asking user’s favorite topics he wants to read, maybe his likes, where he lives, and even things he wants bot to remind.

Your bot will always know about the likes and dislikes of the user; and build up a user persona with time!


On popular demand we are looking into Analytics. People have been asking how to measure the success and how to make bots better. There are several platforms which allow you to integrate your bots for analytics and we are trying to achieve a partnership with existing platforms like to have something solid for you.

At this point we are offering basic analytics so you can see how many users are talking to your bot each month, what kind of messages they are sending the most, and also what CTA they are tapping the most. But soon, we will be ticking this checkbox as well.

Thank you for coming all this way! Just a side note; this article was written by a Chat Bot accessing the behavior of my articles/ blogs. It’s as cool as it is untrue; though in little time we can achieve this also… so help us grow by trying out Botsify v2.0.