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Supposedly Richard Feynman once said, “the Nobel Prize will be the tombstone on all great work”. Ironically he went on to win the prize for groundbreaking work, but at the core, he raised a valid question which I think is ‘what happens when after years of passionate work and putting in your all, you finally receive recognition at the highest level’?

Most disciplines have an award at the top. One that’s highly coveted, more prestigious than all the others and reserved for experts, the best of the best — The Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Pulitzer Prize and so on. Becoming an expert requires a commitment of mind, body and time while navigating the many inevitable obstacles that get in the way of achieving success. More often than not it’s only those with passion and a fire inside who can surmount the largest of obstacles to produce truly groundbreaking work. …


Usamah Khan

Passionate about technology and data science. I also like reading sci-fi & taking photos of stuff