I’m coming out of the closet

And here’s why I’m doing a 52 week writing challenge…

I’m finally coming out of the writer’s closet... Yes, I’d hereby like to proclaim that I am a writer. And I’m committing to the 52 Week Writing Challenge with The Writing Cooperative.

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What gifts are you hoarding in your closet? (Image credit Simson Petrol on Unsplash)

For more than 20 years I’ve had a writing habit that I’ve kept hidden in the dark. Surreptitious morning pages and boxes of notebooks that are quite literally stored in my wardrobe. Unpublished. Unshared. And somehow unfinished.

I’ve had an existential bout of creative constipation.

I’ve produced all this stuff in the dark and on the inside, but I haven’t let it out into the world as an expression of gratitude for the experiences and people and places that inspired it.

I’ve let my all-too-human neuroses inhibit me from simply putting stuff out there. For the fun of it. For the joy of it. Out of curiosity. And out of generosity.

Creativity can’t exist in isolation

The thing is, I’ve come to realise that creativity isn’t complete until it’s shared. The cycle of creativity feels somehow hollow and ‘undone’, until we’ve faced our fears and let our creative endeavours fly out into the world that inspired them. And our creations go foul when we hold onto them too long.

Creativity is an infinite cycle of giving and receiving. We receive experiences (stimulus) from the world around us, we process it and cogitate on it in our own unique way, and then we produce something that’s never existed before. Lastly, we give back to the world that inspires us via the expression of our creative effort. And then the whole glorious process starts again.

Creativity is what the universe is made of. It’s emergence in action, it’s manifestation and evolution.

So it would appear that by holding back my writing, I am in essence impeding the natural cycle and flow of things. And though I might question the importance of my mental ramblings, in the end, the whole is made up of all its tiny parts. So who am I to gum things up by being all anxious about sharing a few words that might, just maybe, inspire some other form of creative expression?

Hence I’ve jumped on board the 52 week writing challenge.

What I’ll be writing about:

Co-creation and creativity. “With our minds we make the world.” We’re all creative agents. Our ability to shape and co-create our reality is something that inspires me to the core… So I’ll be writing about it!

Selfcare and wellness. When we fully commit to taking responsibility for ourselves, loving ourselves and caring for ourselves, we naturally start living in ways that care for the Earth and all its inhabitants. It’s that simple — and that revolutionary. (And it takes a lot of courage!) I’m a Selfcare Coach and co-creator at Samprada Selfcare so this work means a lot to me.

Aside from this, there’ll be poetry; political commentary (I have a penchant for linking the political and the spiritual); and musings on what women’s leadership looks like in our day and age.

Follow me here on Medium if any of this sounds like your thing.

And a massive thank-you to Justin Cox, Stella J. and the Writing Coop crew for putting together the 52 Week Challenge… Just what I needed to get this s*^# out!

PS. It’s not too late to join the 52 Week Writing Challenge!

Who else has a treasure-trove hiding in their wardrobe? Join the challenge and share some of that magic!

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Communicator, facilitator, dreamer and doer. Inspired by nature and passionate about our power to change the world.

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