Honesty is a rebellious act of love

The expression of your honest, heart-sourced truth is a courageous act of rebellious love. The world is yearning for it — because no one else can speak it, no one else can offer it.

Yet, expressing that truth is something we’re rarely taught how to do.

We’re not taught how to listen in. We’re not taught how to excavate the mental murmur and feel below its cacophony to the deeper truth that dwells inside.

We’re not taught how to honour ourselves with the time and stillness to hear our heart’s voice.

We’re not taught how to bring that unique wisdom up from the depths of us — and out into the open air, where it can be offered as a gift to those around us.

Instead we fear what we feel. We fear the powerful and subterranean depths of our ancient and humble human hearts. We fear the emotions that pound through our chests. We fear their fury and their dissolving tug.

We fear the potential rejection that might befall us if we allow those around us to spy the softness and fury within us.

And yet, those feelings are a healing balm. They are the truth our world seeks. Honesty to self is what our world needs. It’s what each of us needs. Courageous honesty — to self and others.

The expression of that honesty is a great gift of communion. For when we express honestly from the depths of our being, we offer up ourselves from within ourselves. We dare to bare the vulnerable truth of our underside.

And in so doing, we invite connection to the deepest parts of ourselves. We discover commonality across great divides. We discover a shared humanity of ancient beginnings. We invite belonging. We invite acceptance. Both to ourselves and to those around us.

There is no greater act of love. And there can be no love without it.

~ Uschi Steedman


Written by

Communicator, facilitator, dreamer and doer. Inspired by nature and passionate about our power to change the world.

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