How to turn resolutions into reality

Turn on your F-Yeah Filter and watch life go from good to great.

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Holidays have a tendency to sow seeds of inspiration and plant roots of positivity. Combine that with the magic of a new year and a new start and many of us will have set ourselves intentions for the year ahead.

But what happens when the New Year’s hangover wears off and reality starts creeping in? How do you keep the dreams alive and not run yourself ragged in the process?

Turn on your F*#^-Yeah Filter

Why? Well each day we get invited to participate in stuff, attend stuff and co-create stuff. We get asked to help and support others. We get asked to be involved in other people’s creations — which is wonderful and beautiful and as it should be.

The thing is, we’ve only got so much space and time in life. And each time you say yes to someone else’s ‘thing’, you’re eating up space and time that could be devoted to your thing (i.e. that amazing New Year’s resolution that had you so excited just a few days ago).

On the flip-side, having the courage to say ‘no’ is actually you saying a resounding ‘yes’ to yourself and your priorities and your creations.

Now that doesn’t mean you have to say no to everything else. (That’d be mind-numbingly boring!) And truth is, life and our universe isn’t a zero-sum game. When we give and participate, we also receive. So sometimes helping someone else out, or going to that social event will be directly supportive of your own goals.

The thing is, we can’t know if it will be, or won’t be in advance. (In any case, it somehow doesn’t feel right to be acting on purely self-interested grounds anyway!) So all we have to go on is our gut feeling. And that’s where the F-Yeah Filter comes in.

From now on, every time you get asked to participate in something, attend something or create something that’s not already on your list, check in with yourself first. If you don’t feel a beautiful “F Yeah!” deep inside you — then (politely) decline the invitation.

This even applies to doing your own work. If you feel totally drained of energy at the thought and simply want to go hang at the beach for an hour. Then go hang at the beach for an hour! You’ll refuel your tanks and come back to what you were doing with more inspiration and energy than before.

In other words, follow your joy folks. Follow your joy.

It’s a simple as that.

Beware though, you’ll have to face your FOMO; you’ll have to let go of any parts of you that get a momentary sense of self-worth from bending over backwards for others (and putting yourself last). And you’ll have to set aside your unease about not pleasing others all the time.

Too bad. Deal with it people! … And go do what lights your fire instead!

The beauty of the F-Yeah Filter, is that it still allows for flow and fun in life. Feeling like you’re prisoner to your New Year’s resolutions is a sure-fire way to kill them. Engaging your F-Yeah Filter will simply ensure you don’t end up completely crowding them out with distractions (that are essentially self-sabotage in disguise).

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