The power (and positivity) of “No”.

How voicing ‘no’ is saying ‘yes’ to your own power and choice.

My ‘no’, is a thunderous and expansive ‘yes’ to that which I desire in life. It is the encapsulation of choice and empowerment. It is the voiced embodiment of my capacity to choose that which I wish to be and that which I wish to create in life.

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Rather than saying ‘yes’ to more in my effort to create change, or make ‘better’ — I can simply say yes to less.

I can say yes to that which I choose. And I may say no to that which doesn’t move me closer to the person I sense I am, and the world I sense can be.

Through this exercise I become aware that all I need, all we need is already here. The exercise is not one of doing more, but doing less.

My ‘no’ becomes a resounding ‘yes’ to the magic that is already here.

And in that no, I discover a growing spaciousness and grace. A growing appreciation for what is.

I feel less inclined to fight and struggle. There is a peace in being that grows, and simply allows that which wishes to be to emerge.

My no, is a yes.

I state it without guilt but pride, and I no longer feel the need to hide behind excuses as to why.

Nor do I feel the need to push for more, or change, or clutch; knowing instead that all I seek, I can touch.

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Communicator, facilitator, dreamer and doer. Inspired by nature and passionate about our power to change the world.

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