In the ethereal glow
of this place,
I’m left wondering
what it is to be human.

In the hard-edged neatness
of this neon expanse,
I’m left wondering
where the spaces have gone
for us to be

Where is the softness?
Where is the dark?
Where is the jagged edge
of my inner reserve?

Where is the place
that I felt myself plummet into
last night,
when loneliness
gripped, the pit
of my stomach,
eating at the reserves
of love and ease?

But then,
the birds clack dawn
And I remember,
the softness out there.
And I feel,
the darkness
of the brooding morning.

I remember,
that I am welcome here.
All of me.
with her.
For she knows me.

Windswept goddess
who seeks no perfection,
but that
which is unkempt,
and unbidden,
and un-tried.

She loves.
With reckless
and unbending fury.
A wild softness,
of ravaging power.

The quiet
of her sleeping breath,
my plagued insides.

I remember my lover,
my nature.
I remember her.
And I come home,
to myself.

Uschi Steedman —

Written by

Communicator, facilitator, dreamer and doer. Inspired by nature and passionate about our power to change the world.

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