How voicing ‘no’ is saying ‘yes’ to your own power and choice.

My ‘no’, is a thunderous and expansive ‘yes’ to that which I desire in life. It is the encapsulation of choice and empowerment. It is the voiced embodiment of my capacity to choose that which I wish to be and that which I wish to create in life.

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Rather than saying ‘yes’ to more in my effort to create change, or make ‘better’ — I can simply say yes to less.

I can say yes to that which I choose. And I may say no to that which doesn’t move me closer to the person I sense I am, and the world I sense can be. …

Turn on your F-Yeah Filter and watch life go from good to great.

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Holidays have a tendency to sow seeds of inspiration and plant roots of positivity. Combine that with the magic of a new year and a new start and many of us will have set ourselves intentions for the year ahead.

But what happens when the New Year’s hangover wears off and reality starts creeping in? How do you keep the dreams alive and not run yourself ragged in the process?

Turn on your F*#^-Yeah Filter

In a nutshell, if an offer or invitation doesn’t meet with a resounding and immediate yes within you — then respond with a no.

And here’s why I’m doing a 52 week writing challenge…

I’m finally coming out of the writer’s closet... Yes, I’d hereby like to proclaim that I am a writer. And I’m committing to the with .

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What gifts are you hoarding in your closet? (Image credit on )

For more than 20 years I’ve had a writing habit that I’ve kept hidden in the dark. Surreptitious morning pages and boxes of notebooks that are quite literally stored in my wardrobe. Unpublished. Unshared. And somehow unfinished.

I’ve had an existential bout of creative constipation.

I’ve produced all this stuff in the dark and on the inside, but I haven’t let it out into the world as an expression of gratitude for the experiences and people and places that inspired it. …


Uschi Steedman

Communicator, facilitator, dreamer and doer. Inspired by nature and passionate about our power to change the world.

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