Now it’s time to pull everything together so that you have turned your PLR articles into a way to keep your business growing all the time. This is the most exciting part of everything we have talked about because this is where you will be able to start seeing how it all works.

But first, let’s recap a bit….

When we started, we were looking at ways that you could use your PLR articles to grow your business. More specifically, we were looking at ways that we could repurpose that PLR to use it in different ways. And we did that with the mindset of reaching your audience in new and different ways by repurposing the same PLR articles.

We started with learning how to turn PLR Articles into a Report. This is where you learned:

  • How to Merge the Articles Together Into a Report
  • What Your Report Should Have
  • Simple Ways to Make Your PLR Articles Your Own

Then we learned how to turn PLR Articles into Videos and we talked about the power of creating videos. You learned the easy ‘video friendly’ things you can pull out of your articles to

put into your videos, how to get started creating your video, and we even talked about video friendly programs that will make it easy for you to whip up those videos in no time.

Remember, after you are have made your video, it is time to Turn Your PLR Articles into a Podcast.

And after all of that has been done, you are ready to Turn PLR Articles into a Follow Up Email Series. This is where things really start to come together and you have your content going to your readers on autopilot.

So When All Is Said And Done You Have:

Because you have made all of these things, you are reaching your audience in a variety of different ways. This is important because some people relate to you best by your words, others rely on hearing your voice, and others feel most connected to you when they know you are constantly delivering real value to their inbox.

See it In Action — Our Using PLR Articles Wrap Up

Below is a brief wrap up of everything we discussed.

Next Steps

  1. Get PLR Content Every Month:
  2. Get your Free Aweber Email Trial:
  3. UsePLR to Boost Your Mailing List:
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