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Oh my god, call chicken Little, the sky is falling!! I had to check my outrage meter and came up empty. Sorry, I know this story was slanted to create just that effect on me AND I REALLY TRIED TO COOPERATE, but despite my best efforts it seems my GIVEADAMN is broke. I guess it has to do with yellow reporting that gave Hillary Clinton a free pass and a positive spin regardless of how big the scandal du jour that she was enmeshed in. Now you want to scandalize Trump for being so bold as to win both the electoral college AND the popular vote.

But hey, good news!! There are lots of stupid people in America and young, impressionable (and stupid) young people becoming voters every day as they hit their 18th birthday. Keep lying — as you always do, so I’m not concerned on that score — and I’m sure you will be able to negatively influence a bunch of them as young people are always rich in outrage that just needs a target to be directed at.