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Since climate change driven by human activity is a hoax, the fact that emn of good sense recognize this is no cause for alarm. Reports on climate change NEVER cite the studies they are based on, and who provided the money for the study (as this tells the so called “scientists” who do the study what conclusion they had better reach… or else!!). Instead they all act as a science mafia and try to beat down the reader’s curiosity and natural human propensity to ask questions by stating that the subject is closed to discussion as the science is “established”, and/or that 97% (or some other proctologist-derived high percentage) of scientists agree that human driven climate change is occurring.

Well science is not a consensus sport and the fact that 99.999% of human at one point believed the world was flat was not proof that the one person at that time who maintained that it was round was incorrect. When someone starts quoting consensus figures and percentages to “prove” a scientific idea you can be sure that the idea is in no way scientific — otherwise it could be proven with the scientific method.

Something as complex as climate change can never be proven with the scant and skimpy number of studies that currently exist, and the shallow level of detail of those studies. What is driving the whole climate change propaganda is the eugenics crowd who would like to reduce the world’s population by at least 6 billion people - and we can be sure that those 6 billion will not look like this crowd but will instead be black, brown, and yellow people — and are thus engaged currently in multiple schemes on multiple fronts to achieve that satanic goal.

One facet of this hoax is the CO2 lies, or carbon dioxide lies. We are told it is a green house gas, that is rising in concentration in the earth’s atmosphere. We are not told that this is next to impossible as the oceans have trillions of tons of this gas dissolved in them, and there are further trillions of tons that make up the mass of all plant life on earth. CO2 is in fact plant food as they use it in photosynthesis. So all the schemes for carbon sequestration are bullshit and only designed to line the pockets of the designers at the public’s expense, as all that is required to sequester this carbon is to grow more food. Of course people will eat this food and expire carbon dioxide but at that point, and at all points in time, the CO2 going in and out of plant and animal bodies will be in dynamic balance. It’s called a complex ecosystem.