Advice for New Grads

Voting has been shone repeatedly, over and over to not do jack shit for millennials. From Bernie to Brexit to Standing Rock to Trump to Perez to Melenchon to Corbyn (soon) it seems the most effective way to have something go down in flames is for it to have majority support from the under 40 crowd. The powers that be have shown that they are completely willing to lie cheat and steal to ensure that the old rich and powerful stay that way and do everything possible to turn us into debt slaves so society decays into neofeudalism. My life is already functionally over; I will never pay off my student loans, much less by a house or get married; the system clearly isn’t functional because it is not responsive to anything but $$$$$$ and it has systematically made a whole group of people that will never have enough $ to feed themselves much less accomplish anything politically.

I bought into the flat out lie that if you work hard and study a challenging subject you will be rewarded. Total crap. Not only was there no jobs for me when I graduated in 2008 with degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering there was nothing I could do about the $120k in debt I had to take on to get the degree at a state school. 3.5 years of soul crushing rejection letters while working 50 hour weeks at two part time jobs had me on the brink of suicide. I should have just done it. The job I did get paid $12k/yr less than I was expecting when I signed up for my loans, which little did I know is par for the course. But there was no help for me because this is the shittiest country on the planet. How else would you define the richest country that has ever existed where 2/3rds of the citizens couldn’t afford a $1k emergency. We live in a country where 1 in 10 college grads is not employed nor in school, and student loan default rates are soaring, but is there any doubt who will be made to suffer under Obama’s policy of rolling over the Mortgage crisis into a Student debt crisis? Of course not, it will be those least suited to deal with the mismanagement of the economic elites and their poodle politicians.

The people making the decisions for both parties are completely detached from the devastating consequences of their decisions. There is a whole parasitic consultant class that is self serving and has thrown the middle class under the bus. We are closer to neofeudalism via debt bondage than a Democracy. But that’s what you get when Wall Street owns both parties and they always win and the American People always lose. I’ll be shocked if this country still exists in 20 years and I sure hope it doesn’t.

Nine years after graduation and I have more debt now then the day I graduated and I can barely bring myself to get out of bed in the morning. So here is my advice to recent grads; don’t make a single mistake. Ever. Washington DC can decide to regime change another Country which will result in thousands of deaths and billions of wasted dollars justified by the shakiest of evidence, again. Wall Street can commit massive amounts of fraud, including seeking out people with no income, and no job or assets (NINJA) to give them a mortgage so they can bundle it up to sell it off and make a profit on the inevitable default and the inevitable destruction of the world economy. None of the elites who made those decisions will ever suffer more than the smallest inconvenience for their catastrophic decisions. On the other hand, If you so much as smoke a joint or speed you are putting your future in serious jeopardy.

You don’t owe this country a single thing, this society did not invest in you at all; in fact it was trying to make a profit off you educating yourself. You had to take all the financial risk with non-dischargeable student loans and now that there are actually jobs for you when you graduated you have a shot at life. Don’t think that you are smarter, better, or more worthy; this isn’t a meritocratic society. You just happened to catch the business cycle the right way. So whatever you do, don’t think for one second that you owe this country a single thing. This country is designed to make you fail and become a debt slave to some multimillionaire who pays a lower tax rate than you do and lives a consequence free life. Welcome to neofeudalism. If you manage to luck your way into a decent life be sure to tell all those people who were counting on you paying into social security tough luck, and just open a tax shelter. Anyone that was hoping you would support their aging parents with Medicare? Hire a lobbyist and pressure congress to defund it. After all YOU took all the risk, why should anyone else get the reward? Don’t give a single cent to charity unless you can use it to pay less taxes.

That may sound harsh, but that is the society we were forced into. Any luck or talent you have is your own and any bad luck, well there is just nothing that can be done about it. That is the America Politicians from both parties have left for us. Enjoy. Or just do us all a favor and destroy the place.