What was your degree in?
Jeff A

Double major; Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. Graduated in 2008 with $120k in debt from a state school. 3.5 years before I got a job in my field but my debt had snowballed because my two part time jobs and 50 hour weeks was not enough to live on and make payments. When I did get a job in my field 70% of my income was going just to make minimum payments. After two years and decent raises that went down to 60% and the principal was all the way down to $110k; at which point I realized there was no light at the end of the tunnel and got hopelessly depressed and started missing work and lost my job. I did everything I was supposed to do but I don’t see any point to working my ass off if I still have to live in poverty. I’ll probably get around to killing myself sooner or later because this shit hole country destroyed my life

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