Why the GOP and the Bernie Left Don’t Care About “the Russia Story”
Sasha Stone

Every time I get pissed about something Trump does I read something like this and I immediately feel better about not voting for Hillary in my swing state. You are living proof that liberals don’t actually care about just how shitty life is in this country for most people.

I don’t care about #Russiagate because it isn’t illegal for presidential campaigns to talk to foreign countries. Even if it is to get dirt on the other candidate (Clinton had people putting together that whole dodgy dossier on Trump).

There is a small chance in hell that the Democrats might get a clue that if they keep Wall Street and Corporate America in their big tent they will get lots of money to buy ads but not be able to offer any material benefits to actual working people. There is a reason the white working class has been leaving the party in droves, and it isn’t just because every single liberal within range of a microphone calls them a racist deplorable. The democrats let Wall Street off the hook for the great recession that destroyed countless lives, they have been pushing bad trade deals that make it impossible for workers here to negotiate better pay, and they have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to monopolies allowing Amazon and Wal Mart to kill off every small business in this country. The GOP isn’t any better on any of those issues but when you have a system that makes 3rd parties impossible and two parties that only care about rich people and big business everyone else suffers because the only thing that the parties fight about is identity politics; they agree on making life even harder for people trying to scrape by.

But you seem intent on making sure they stay laser focused on pointing out how everything is Russia’s fault and using the campaign slogan ‘Have you seen the other guys?’ All while people's lives are so shitty and hopeless more US citizens died overdosing on opiates last year than died in the entire Vietnam and Afghanistan wars combined. But tell me again how it’s all Bernie’s fault that Clinton gave paid speeches to the people who destroyed the economy. Get out of your self absorbed bubble.

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