I’m a Lefty and I Joined a Trump Supporters Facebook Group: Here’s what I learned
Blakeley Nixon

Has it occurred to you that groups where people post shit like that are likely to be self selecting for other people that post shit like that? How did someone find out about and join that group? Probably because someone shared a crazy post from it and they thought, hey I’m into crazy shit like that too.

It’s probably worse with the far right but don’t pretend it doesn’t happen with deranged HillBots either. Here is a group with 380,000 members who’s profile pic is Trump in a Hitler costume.


The entire mainstream media has been spreading fake news about Russia because it is easier to blame Putin and risk a nuclear war than admit that the elite consensus that Hillary was a good candidate was horribly fucking wrong. There is a small chance in hell that the Democrats might get a clue that if they keep Wall Street and Corporate America in their big tent they will get lots of money to buy ads but not be able to offer any material benefits to actual working people. There is a reason the white working class has been leaving the party in droves, and it isn’t just because every single liberal within range of a microphone calls them a racist deplorable. The Democrats let Wall Street off the hook for the great recession that destroyed countless lives, they have been pushing bad trade deals that make it impossible for workers here to negotiate better pay, and they have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to monopolies allowing Amazon and Wal Mart to kill off every small business in this country. The GOP isn’t any better on any of those issues but when you have a system that makes 3rd parties impossible and two parties that only care about rich people and big business everyone else suffers because the only thing that the parties fight about is identity politics; they agree on making life even harder for people trying to scrape by.

If Democrats can’t get their shit together, kick the corporate Clinton/Obama wing out of the party and get back to New Deal policies then sooner or later the GOP will realize that the national debt became irrelevant the second we left the gold standard and go on a spending spree that will make them very popular. If they spend most of it on the military, which is rather likely, that would be fascism. Luckily they are very tied to their national debt nonsense, but an emergency could change things.


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